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Mga Muslim sa Canada Nagnilay sa Annibersaryo ng 9/11 Attacks

Si Nawaz Tahir ay isang abogado sa London, Ontario at chair ng Hikma, isang London-based Muslim advocacy group. Ngayong Sabado ang ika-20 anibersaryo ng Setyembre 11, 2001 attacks sa Estados Unidos na pumatay sa 3,000 na tao sa isang serye ng coordinated acts ng terorismo na bumago sa buong mundo habambuhay. Read More

Two Sets of Nerves?

Humans are endowed with a special nervous system to sense love and tenderness, reports the German scientific journal Bild der Wissenschaft. Swedish scientists discovered that a woman who had lost her main touch receptors still felt a pleasant sensation when stroked with a soft paintbrush. This sense of pleasure, they found, was evoked by a second nerve network in the skin, consisting of slow-conducting fibers called tactile C fibers. The network only responds to a gentle touch and activates those brain areas dealing with emotions. Commenting on why humans might have two different sets of nerves, the International Herald Tribune states: “The slow fibers function from the earliest hours of life, perhaps even in the womb, while the fast fibers develop slowly after birth. Newborns might be able to feel the love in a parent’s touch before they can feel the touch itself.”